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The Olden Golden Times

8th July 2011 - 2 mins read

Oh my beloved 3aibsters, welcome back. 

Wait… you’re back for more? I thought I already warned you about how 3aib it was to partake in reading this. But fine, since you’re here, let me give you a bit of a background. 

Once upon a time, in a desert land not so far away, lived a group of beautiful maidens - the fairest the lands had ever seen. In their younger years, they dreamed of a prince charming so handsome, so exquisitely perfect that he would be the envy of all the other maidens. And one day, Mr. Unknown Prince Charming would fall out of the sky to sweep our fair maidens off their feet in a love story so romantic, it would put Shakespearean romance to unforgivable shame. 

But screw you, Disney. Screw you for painting the most unrealistic pictures in our minds of what love is. And worse even, what men are. Screw you for not telling us that our “list of the perfect man” (Yes, every woman has a list) would not come to life in human form one day. Screw you for telling us every man was Aladdin, when in fact, every man is Jafaar. No Beast transforms to a prince after an undying affection of Belle’s love– men just stay beasts. No Prince Eric to save Ariel from her underwater imprisonment - just a man who is happy to be checking out a hot chick in her swimwear. So yes, screw you Disney. From the bottom of my heart, I hate you. 

With time, my friends and I have gone from getting goosebumps when dreaming of our future husbands to getting goosebumps in fear of a future marriage. We’ve transformed from enchanted daydreamers to cautious cynics. We’ve paid our respects to the burials of our “perfect man list” and carry their obituaries in our hearts. You know, I would tell you that we SHALL NOT EVER GIVE UP as we continue to embark on our life journeys in search of our destined princes… But I would be lying. 

Now, I’m not saying that all men are evil - I actually know a couple of really great men. And I’m not implying that women are free of error - some women are the devil in disguise. All I’m saying is that women are very gentle creatures and I truly believe that men don’t understand that. Men don’t understand the extent of our fragility. They don’t know that because of the experiences we’ve had with them, we’ve come to believe that we are a product of something I like to call the “too this, too that” disease. We believe we are collectively too short, too tall; too fat, too thin; too pretty, too ugly; too sexual, too conservative; too kind, too bitchy; too indecisive, too overpowering; too submissive, too demanding; too smart, too ignorant; (wait I’m not done just yet) too clean, too dirty; too maternal, too irresponsible; too slutty, too innocent; and, well, you get the damn point.

Men are capable of love, yes, but nowhere near the extent of a woman’s. Men are sensitive, yes, but they will never understand a woman’s emotionality. All I’m trying to say here, in a laugh or two as well as a bit of analytical advise, is that men do not understand the long-term circumstances of the way they treat women. They do not know of the irreversible damage caused by their behavior. And this blog intends to ATTEMPT (ATTEMPT IS THE KEYWORD) to even in the slightest way, bridge this condemning gender gap.

Kisses and hugs,