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My Knight(s) in Shining Armor - Part 1

7th November 2011 - 5 mins read

My loveliest readers, I welcome you back with open arms.

I’ve had a discussion with Ellie lately about the different experiences we’ve had with boys and she seems to think this happens to all girls. I strongly disagree and I hope today’s story will illustrate why. I do believe that most girls go through their fair share of ridiculous behavior from men (and some men meet horrible women as well) but sometimes I feel like some of the things my girls and I have been through are just a little bit over the top.

In Ramadan of 2010, my family went out to eat for Iftar and I stayed home because I was really tired that day. I went to sleep and decided to go out to a restaurant next to my house, pick up food and come back to eat at home. Now, I don’t consider myself to be the most gorgeous of all women, nor do I look like a horse. I am a very average-looking girl and when I don’t make the effort, I tend to look like I just rose from the coffin. And on that day, I really did rise from the dead. I was fasting, I was tired and I had just woken up from deep sleep ten minutes before breaking my fast. My hair was a mess, my make up was smudged under my eyes from sleeping, I put on flip flops, men’s basketball shorts, a t-shirt and a hood jacket. I figured I was just going down the street and no one would see me so I didn’t really care what I looked like. And no, I didn’t look like those hot women in the movies who can pull off the “fresh out of bed” sexy look. I really looked like a garbage bag.

Anyway, so I left the house and drove to the restaurant by my house. Their door wouldn’t open from the outside so the employee inside had to come and open it for me. I ordered my food and asked him to bring it to my car when it was ready. As I waited in my car, I saw two young gentlemen approach the door in the same manner I did, trying to open it but could not. I put my window down and said, “You can’t open it from the outside just wait for the guy and he’ll come open it for you.” One of the two guys responded with a joke saying, “SO WE’RE NOT GOING TO BREAK OUR FAST TODAY?!” and we laughed about it till the guy opened up for them and they sat inside to eat. The same guy asked me to come inside and eat with them but I declined politely and said I was just waiting for my food and had to go home. I was right outside the restaurant in my car and could see them inside the restaurant window from where they were seated. The guy, later to be known as Sammy, motioned with his hands for me to come in and sit with them. I shook my head saying no and pointed behind me indicating that I had to leave. Sammy then points toward his upper lip and moved two fingers of both his hands in a rolling motion. It took me a second to understand that he was making a mustache face with his hand in a way to ask me if I was leaving because my husband was at home. I found it hilarious and burst out laughing shaking my head no. To this, Sammy responded by clasping both his hands together and raising them upward in a victorious way while smiling. He moved his hands again asking me to come inside but I still refused. Considering the physical condition of disaster I was in, there wasn’t a chance in hell I was going to sit with them. Plus, I was still really tired and just wanted to go home and sit in bed while I ate. I just pointed back at him and motioned for him to come outside instead and he did.

Sammy, his friend (whose name I can’t remember now to save my life) and I talked for a few minutes while we waited for our food and they genuinely seemed to be nice guys. I stayed in my car the whole time and they just stood outside next to me carrying on in very casual conversation. Though it wasn’t the most typical approach in meeting someone, I honestly didn’t see anything wrong with it. I believe if a guy sees a girl out in public somewhere and he finds her attractive or likes the way she laughs or whatever it is, there shouldn’t be any reason why he doesn’t talk to her. I assumed that Sammy liked my character and sense of humor at this point because I knew for fact it couldn’t have been the way I looked that day. Considering this and the fact that they seemed like they were nice, fun guys, I agreed to give Sammy my number when he asked for it after a few minutes of talking to them. He asked me to hang out that night but I had plans so we agreed to reschedule.

Two days later, I asked Sammy what he was doing for Iftar that day and he invited me to go out with his friends. The day before, he was supposed to come out with my friends and I but I decided to meet him first and see if he is worthy of introducing to my friends or not. So when he asked me to come out with his friends, I figured it was better to meet him that way first. I asked him who he was going out with and he said that it was just his good friends. I found out that it was going to be just boys but I thought to myself, “If it’s just two of his good friends who are around the same age as us, there’s no harm in just going out with a meal for them.” I wouldn’t typically like to go out with a group of boys on a first date, but it really was just a meal so what’s the worst that could happen? I went out that day thinking that in the worst of the worst scenarios I would just eat my food and leave. I always drive my car to the location of a first a date in case I need to leave at any point, I don’t need to depend on the guy dropping me off. Additionally, though I knew very little about him at that point, I really believed Sammy was an overall nice, fun guy and thought we’d have a good time over dinner.

I got to the restaurant and to my disturbing surprise, it wasn’t one or two of his friends. It wasn’t three or four of his friends. It was seven of them. And of the seven, four were significantly older than I am. As I stood there greeting his friends in the middle of the restaurant, who looked at me with a look of surprise on their face like they had no idea who I was or that I was coming… my heart sank.

To be continued…

Kisses and hugs,