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It's 3aib* For You to Read This...

3rd July 2011 - 2 mins read

First off, let me begin by saying 3aib. 3aib on all of you for visiting this blog. 3aib on you for not realizing that it’s 3aib. You are doing something so 3aib right now, you don’t even know. Second, if you’re here, you’ve got a story of your own. But you can’t share it, because it’s 3aib. You are also here because you can’t live without that which is 3aib. You absolutely have to have your daily dose of 3aib. 

If you have lived in the Middle East, then you are already very familiar with what 3aib means. Growing up as an Arab, it was our parents’ favorite word to use. So much so that it almost seems mindless at times. “YOU’RE OUT AT 9:30 P.M.? 3AIB!”

You also know that women are the biggest victims of 3aib. Growing up in a very typical East meets West scenario, we’ve picked up a lot of traits and habits that are not so approved of in our societies. Therefore, we’ve developed a paranoia of all that which is 3aib. Topics of dating and marriage, most importantly, included. 

The result? We sometimes find ourselves in the most ridiculous (and might I add, hilarious) of all love/marriage/dating situations and we can’t really openly talk about it. And I’m sure you know why… Because it’s 3aib. 

That being said, let me say this loud and clear: This is not in any way one of those “bashing Arabs” type of blogs. In fact, I could not be prouder to be an Arab and I love my culture, all twisted (sometimes understandable) values included. The mere intention of this blog is 1. to entertain and 2. to let all the ladies out there know that they are not alone. You are not alone in your oh-so-3aib experiences and the repercussions that come with them. Now, you’ve got me. 

I’ve said before that you should beware of witty women. If you cross them, they will divulge an extended set of inside jokes, about you, between them and their friends. And you will never be forgotten. This is your formal warning. 

Strap on. Leave the 3aib at the door. Enjoy. 

Kisses and hugs, 



*For my none Middle Eastern visitors, 3aib is a very popular Arab word that is extremely difficult to translate. The easiest way I could explain it is something that is “shameful” and “unacceptable” on a massive scale of disastrous proportions. 

Disclaimer: I hope you take this blog as lightly as it intends to be. It’s really just an open sharing experience of a couple of beautiful, young, smart and good women dating in the Middle East. The stories are not in any way a portrayal of Arabs and in fact, many of these men we meet are not Arab at all - simply put, it’s about the dating world with a twist of “shame” to it for fun. This is just a humorous way of breaking our silence and giving you a laugh or two, along with a virtual support group that shows you that you’re really not alone in your exhilarating (I mean hilarious) misery.